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Chocolate Filled Hope: a collection of . . . 

Hope; everyone needs it, at least a handful. It would be nice to sail through life and never lose hope, but if you live in a fallen world (which we all do), then sooner or later things fall apart - and when things fall apart I fall apart. Maybe you do too.  The question is not so much, "How do we keep from losing hope?" but more so, "when we lose hope (or at least lose sight of it), how do we find it again?"

Once I lost my car keys, it was my six year old who found them. She told me "Mama, I prayed that God would help me find find your keys and He did!" I praise Him that He answered her prayer and that He is growing her faith. He is growing mine too, only sometimes when He answers my prayers, the answers are different than I thought they were going to be. This website is about hope, not just on those days when life turns out as ordered, but on those days you did not order (and would just as soon return).  Every day is a gift, some days just are not gift wrapped quite as nicely. This website is about unwrapping each day anyway, and finding hope in every circumstance, even if it is just a handful.

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